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Manitou Cares is a program under Visit Manitou Springs. It is the brainchild of Jenna Gallas and supports the environment in which we live, work, and play. Visit Manitou Springs invites our residents and visitors to commit to caring about sustainability in our community by choosing to opt out of single use plastics, to support our local business community, to keep our waterways clean and safe as a habitat for wildlife, and responsible recreation.

The Manitou Art Center is embracing the Manitou Cares model at our location through the expansion of our plastic-free refillables station located in the kitchen of our 515 building.

In January of 2019, Neale and Kathy Minch approached the MAC with a simple idea: to reduce our plastic consumption through a refillable laundry soap, dish soap, and dishwasher soap station. Shortly after, Annie Schmitt joined in by adding laundry strips and an educational component. Since 2019, over 500 people have used their products and over 1,000 plastic containers were eliminated. This number does not account for a reduction in transportation and fossil fuel usage as well.  

This year, the MAC would like to expand upon its efforts to include additional items, increased educational opportunities, and a hard-to-recycle station. This program represents several partnerships including one with Galvanize Recycling.  Additionally, we are looking to make six, or so, of the most needed products available through our self-service Manitou Cares Refillables Station. Changing to meet the needs of the community, we anticipate that partnerships, products, and programming will adjust as needed.

Do Good. Save Time.

Transforming waste into community benefit.


Refillable Detergent Program at the Manitou Art Center

Want to reduce your footprint for single use plastic? Like to save money? Come to the MAC!

Thanks to Neale Minch's single use plastic initiative, you can bring your reusable containers to 515 and stock up on laundry, dish and dishwasher detergent for a fraction of what you spend in the grocery store! Detergents are located in the Community Kitchen in the 515 building.

Neale says, " After watching Blue Planet II and learning about the sheer volume of plastics floating in the world's oceans, my wife and I decided to take efforts to reduce our plastics footprint. One of these steps is to purchase select household products in 5 gallon buckets, decant into old jugs and allow people to come in and refill their old laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and automatic dishwasher liquid containers AT COST. All these products are ranked quite highly by the Environmental Working Group and are the ECOS brand - available at stores like Natural Grocers. A gallon of these products will typically cost $11.60. This started in our garage and has moved to the 515 MAC building thanks to Dustin and Natalie. This means we can scale the initiative and thereby further reduce our plastics footprint."

Our Refill Options 


A donation based recycling program. Please see the complete recycling list at the station for details. 

If you prefer to pay online while at Manitou Cares Refill & Recycle Station:

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