Jointer/Planer/Bandsaw Certification - Beginners to Competent FREE

  • 11 Dec 2021
  • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Manitou Art Center
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In this 1.5hr session you will receive training on the Jointer/Planer/Band Saw.

Who is this class for?

Jointer/Planer/Band Saw certification is for members who are 18 or older and have this level of expertise:

  • Beginners
  • Competent

If you are an proficient/expert woodworker, please see Alain Navaratne for a rapid-certification.

Learning Objective

To be able to:

  • Learn the 'house rules' of the woodshop
  • Learn how to safely use the Jointer/Planer/Band Saw

Learning Outcome

Once certified a member will be able to:

  • use the Jointer/Planer/Band Saw independently 
  • use the woodshop respectfully including cleaning

Membership Types and Access to the Woodshop

Once certified a member will be able to use the woodshop independently depending on membership type:

  • Certified library card members will have access to the woodshop during the hours of 10am-6pm Tuesday to Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday and Saturday
  • Certified members who have red entry badges will have access to the woodshop for 22hrs a days, 7 days a week.
Teacher: Erik Sundell

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