Meditative Art Experience

  • 18 Aug 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Manitou Art Center Classroom (513 Building)



Class Objective

Our class is geared to bring a fun and creative approach healing experience that incorporates art mediums and mindfulness prompts to create a relationship with expressive art. Students will improve attention and ability to focus, gain strong mindfulness, express themselves through creativity, and create beautiful emotion filled art even with no prior art skill.

Class Operation:

1. Each week will offer a new topic and multiple art mediums and practices to incorporate a range of variety and creative introduction!

2. Classes will be conducted in a comfortable environment with meditative music, prompts from the instructor to inspire emotion and connection to the experience. Art will be based solely from the student's unique experience. There is no right or wrong outcome to the class.

Students will not be expected to provide their materials and tools, those items are included in class pricing. We will provide paint (acrylic or watercolor), pencils, canvas, paper, brushes, cups, water, color pencil and other required class tools.

Student Outcome:

Students will learn how to express emotion through art, use color to associate with emotion and art practices, learn creative mediums to build their own practice, and learning which art methods are best for them!

Class Layout:

Students come to class and are provided materials, we start with a 10 minute warm up with simple drawing exercise, students then will start with a prompt and our music for the session. Students will be given prompts every class, such as breath exercises, questions to evoke movement on the page, emotion to color connection prompts, etc to create unique and bold pieces of expressive art.

Teacher: Shay Koloff

Hello, my name is Shay and I am abstract artist and painter. I am a mother and wife who lives in Manitou! Art is my passion and art therapy is something that I use daily. I have been doing art since childhood and use it to tap into my most peaceful state of mind which is what my classes are all about!


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