Stitching Community Together

  • 4 Jul 2021
  • Manitou Art Center

Team Building and Group Events: Stitching Community Together 

Stitching Community Together is a team building, community project that asks you to share your story, your culture or your favorite experience of the Pikes Peak Region. Small groups, organizations and businesses are invited to create a Pojagi panel using fabric, thread, fibers, trims and embellishments to share their story.

A Pojagi is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth originally made from worn out clothing or leftover bits from sewing. Korean folk religion believed that keeping something wrapped protected good luck and would often use the cloth to present food or transport items.

In this two hour event, the lead guide(s) teach a very simple stitch and assist in starting your panel. Finishing the panel will depend on the group working on it outside of class. 

We provide the needles and thread and you can bring your own fabric, such as worn out clothing, vintage fabric or new fabric, or we can provide the fabric for you. 

Identifying embellishments, such as fabrics with names on them or business cards, are encouraged but not necessary. 

The panels will be put on display at the Manitou Art Center and at the time of the show, all participants will be able to give a brief presentation, if they so choose.

Group Pricing:

2 hour class
1-8 people 1 instructor  Non-profit: $250 Corporate groups: $300
9-15 people 2 instructors Non Profit: $350 Corporate groups: $400

15+ People 3 instructors Non-Profit: $500 Corporate groups: $550

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