Screen Print Workshop: Multiple Color Printing - $45.00

  • 22 Oct 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Manitou Art Center
  • 0


Registration is closed

In this second-tier screen printing workshop, you will learn how to develop and accurately print designs with multiple colors, using multiple screens and proper registration. Participants will review how to use the exposure unit, washout station, t-shirt press, and flash unit in this workshop, as well as techniques for aligning (registering) multiple layers of color to create a professional finished print. Participants will practice with designs provided by the instructor, then focus on developing and test printing their own multi-color screen print designs.

Learning Outcome

Participants will become comfortable using the exposure unit, washout station, t-shirt press, and flash unit to develop more complex designs for screen printing. Participants will learn to think and see like screen printers – breaking down and flattening images into multiple layers and become comfortable printing in multiple layers of color.

Teacher Bio

Mel Williams has over 20 years of art education experience, including teaching and program directing for younger students, teens, and adults, a directorship for a non-profit that represents disabled artists, and extensive experience in an art college-to-community engagement program. They have taught screen printing projects and workshops for elementary, middle school and high school students, as well as block printing for fabric and paper. They hold a Masters of Art in Art Education degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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