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Artist Bio

Jasmine Dillavou is a Boricua mixed-media artist from Colorado Springs. Dillavou received her BA in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and has since shown in numerous exhibitions across the Front Range. Her work often explores themes of visibility within Caribbean Diaspora identities. From intimate performance pieces to immersive installations, Dillavou investigates liberation, decolonization and femininity through a personal lens.

There will be an installation that ties the work together guests are welcome to sit with/alongside it

Artist Statement

Colorful and muted layers draw inspiration from a myriad of sources: ancestral survival tools, colonial relics, poetry and wedding veils. Artificial Veil comes from a sustained material investigation of how Dillavou has dissected her identity overtime. Artificial Veil is a continuous reflection in corporeality and self portrait. Memory, history- all seen through a layered shield. Yellow light, often associated with joy and divination ( the mythological chariot which carried the sun) plays a key role in this exhibition. In ancient Greece, brides were adorned in yellow veils to refract as much light as possible to then be delivered as an untouched maiden, even by the sun. Upon the opening of this exhibition, Dillavou will be exactly one month from her wedding. The reflections, fears, and weight of a wedding is intimately presented within these works as a way to dissect the experience- the very real, feminine, divine, detailed, dirty, patriarchal, passionate, life changing, complicated thing that marriage may be. The “Artificial Veil” speaks on all these things. The manufactured, the authentic and alive. Those are the basis of the very survival tools that comprise so much of what Dillavou strives to understand about herself.

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