Textiles West is a community passionate about textiles.  Textiles West Innovation Lab (TWIL) is located in the Manitou Art Center.

Connecting community through the power of making

Dedicated to sustaining the traditions, skills and art of textiles 

Promoting awareness of the massive impact of the textile industry on the planet.

Who May Use TWIL?

  • Textiles West Members
  • Manitou Art Center Makerspace Members
  • General Public

How Much Does it Cost?

All fees are paid directly to the Manitou Art Center.

Month Rate:
  • Textiles West Members $20
  • General Public $30
  • Manitou Art Center Makerspace members $FREE

What is Included in the Fee?

Note-Certifications required

  • Domestic sewing machines
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Spinning wheels
  • Drum carders
  • Dye lab
  • Small table looms
  • Students use yarns, fibers and supplies

Can I use a large loom?

Looms are an additional fee per month on top of the makerspace fee

  • Table top looms $30
  • Standar floor looms $80
  • Large floor looms (AVL and Countermarch) $125

What is Certification?

In order to protect everyone working in the space, and the equipment, you must be certified to use any of the equipment in the TWIL makerspace.

Many of our classes provide certification as part of the class.  Check class descriptions to see which apply.

If you have some experience in an area, or can't attend a class, one of our teachers will schedule a time to certify you in the desired area or equipment.  there is a fee for certification to pay our teachers which varies depending on your experience, and the equipment you want to be certified in.  if you are quite experienced in certain equipment, we can discuss whether fees apply.

  • Dye Lab certification $30
  • Domestic Sewing machine $10 (quarterly free certification events also available)
  • Industrial Sewing Machine $30
  • Spinning Wheel $20
  • Drum Carder $10
You may only use the equipment/areas you are certified in.

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