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24x30x9 Boxes, Collected Feathers, Collected Secrets The Home for Little Birdies was created in 2008 as a senior art project for Herndon High School, and was later displayed at the Greater Reston Arts Center. This home features a wallpaper collection of handwritten secrets gathered from the students and teachers of HHS. The outside of the home is surrounded by chicken wire containing tangled feathers from different bird species. The outside fencing has broken open, and the birds have clearly escaped. Participants were asked to anonymously write down a secret that nobody else knew about them and put it in a bag. Many who participated were hesitant. Some were too uncomfortable with the idea of telling their truth. A small few even chose to write something completely random! looking at the art, it's impossible to tell who the secrets belong to. Can you tell which secret belonged to a teacher? Which one was from the most popular kid at school? Who told their truth, and who wasn't ready yet? How can you tell? Most importantly, what would your little birdies have to say?
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