Kendrick Cowdery has an MS in Arts Technology and a BS in Industrial Education from Illinois State University. Ken taught Graphic Arts and Digital Media for over 30 years and is now retired from teaching. He spends his days at the Manitou Art Center in Manitou Springs, CO "creating whatever comes into his tiny little head."

Artist Statement  |  Kendrick Cowdery

The images

I love creating line art and I love how easy it is to reproduce. Something as simple as a stencil can reproduce line art.  My most recent work using a laser cutter and etcher, offers a new outlet using state-of-the-art technology. Line art can be beautiful, funny or strange, but almost always has strong visual impact. 

The media and technology
The laser cutter and engraver is uniquely suited to work with line artwork. It can cut and engrave using many kinds of materials. Keeping the work two dimensional keeps me in touch with the original intent of the image, but by adding multiple layers, you can also enjoy a three dimensional piece. Paper and wood were some of the earliest materials used to mass produce images and words, but with new technology, paper and wood can once again be fresh and optimistic.

"I am a doodler. I am unable to sit with a pencil in my hand and not draw. It’s compulsive and something I love to do. I particularly love creating line artwork. Drawing while only using two colors presents interesting challenges and opportunities. Once it has been created, line art can be reproduced using various technologies. While I still use pencils and pens to draw, I create most of my images using Adobe Illustrator. After teaching Graphic Arts and Digital Media for 34 years in both high school and college levels, I have retired. I am happy to finally have time to spend time on my own work.6

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Savoy Motel


Sculptural laser-cut lighting


Tea Room


Sculptural laser-cut lighting


Chief Atchee


Sculptural laser-cut lighting


Grand Hallway & Slam Gallery Schedule


LuDel Deal Walter & Kendrick Cowdery

May 18 – TBD , Opening June 5

Pamela Fickes-Miller “Raye”:

August 31 – November 1 , Opening Sept 4

Olivia Hunter:

November 2 – December 27 , Opening Nov. 6


Jim Marshall:

December 28 (2020) – Feb 28 (2021), Opening Jan 1

Jannine Scott:

March 1 – May 2 , Opening March 5


May 3 - June 27, Opening 7

Christy Davis

June 28 - August 29, Opening July 2

Vincent Coleman

August 30 - October, Opening Sept 3

Kelly Green:

Nov 1 - Jan 2, Opening Nov 5



Jan 3 - Feb 27, Opening January 7

Brenda Biondo

Feb 28 - May 1, Opening March 4

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