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Artist Biography

Jeresneyka Rose, of ArtByRizzo, is a self-taught visual artist and community advocate based in Southeast Colorado Springs. She has exhibited her works and led creative workshops nationwide. Rose has created and facilitated community-based art projects in partnership with numerous organizations such as Generation Wild of the Pikes Peak Region, The City of Colorado Springs, Harrison District Two, and Pikes Peak Library District. Her passion is creating positive messages of hope for the broader community through the transformational power of art.

Artist Statement

From whimsical references of popular children television shows to powerful portraits, “Worthy” is a visual collection of stories. To be worthy is to be seen as something of value. Throughout history, melanated peoples across the world have had their value dismissed due to the color of their skin. In this visual collection, the vivid use of color in combination with direct and indirect story telling is intended to shift the perspective of value and highlight the beauty in the experience of being Black while deconstructing white supremacist ideologies. 

Some stories with very direct meaning describe acts of love, solidarity and radical joy while others describe the feelings associated with the lack of humanity that exists within American society, government, corporations, and the world at large. Dynamic visuals presented in the series of stories with indirect meaning exhibit themes that challenge societal norms such as gender, sexuality, and the overall perception of Black people. By exhibiting drastically different works of various mediums, Rose reinforces the notion that Black people are not monolithic, and that the idea of worth is not tied to white supremacist history, norms and values. The exhibit highlights Black faces and Black bodies in hopes of expressing that Black people are of great value simply because they exist, and that value is not directly tied to a specific aesthetic, labor, education, or materialism. Worthy is an eclectic body of works that tells stories of trials, tragedies and triumphs of the Black existence across the diaspora.

De Lane Bredvik

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