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Please consider making a purchase during Virtual First Friday, August 7th between 5pm and 8pm.  Your purchase will benefit these organizations with matching funds of $50 per transaction: Hillside Connection, Pencils in the Park with Jeresneyka Rose and Solid Rock CDC. See our Virtual First Friday page for more details.

Artist's Statement

2020 Sucks! We are losing control of global climate change, while, in America, we try to deal with the pandemic through magical thinking. Could there ever be a more appropriate time to think about moving away from isolated interests, and begin to think and act in terms of the larger shared interests of humanity? What does this have to do with art? For starters, art demonstrates that our interests and experiences don't stop at borders or coastlines. You don't have to be Asian to appreciate Yayoi Kusama, you don't have to be European to appreciate Gerhard Richter, and you don't have to be American to appreciate Willem de Kooning. Art connects us to each other and expresses our commonality.

Art can also reinforce stability in challenging times. The pandemic will pass. Art helps us know this by connecting the past to the present. Every generation of art is a link in a progression that goes from the ancient cave drawings to the latest phenom. We have a history of enduring. Wish I could say something positive about climate change, but as the world's foremost pessimist on that score, I think I'll leave it alone.

More personally, I have to say I'm not a big fan of "artist's statments". I've always considered that when an artist fills a room with his work, that is the statement.

Alas, I cave!

My concern is to create a unitary statement. I want to feel like each work is complete within itself, that each work achieves its own identity though the channeling of its components towards a central goal.

John Odlin Price List & Discounts.pdf

Email Maria Navaratne to make a purchase

Discounts available during the show               

All Monoprints are available for 25% off for the duration of this show

In lieu of an Opening, unavailable due to concerns over the spread of Covid-19, this show will have a Discount Day on August 7, 2020 (First Friday).  On August 7, there will be a 50% discount on all available works in this show, with these exceptions:

No discount on Print Panels (3) or Irregular Prints (2)

No further discount on Large Monoprints offered at 25% off

In order to minimize person to person contact, a notice of “intent to purchase at discount” can be registered by phone with the MAC staff, from 7/15/20 until 2:00 pm 8/7/20. 

Should more than one person wish to purchase the same piece, bids, in $25.00 increments, can be made during the registration period.

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